Date Range Help

NOTE: Date range functions differently depending on the area of the collection being searched. Read the Basic Directions below, and then select the appropriate title for further information about functionality in the collection you are searching.

Basic Directions

Enter the earliest desired date in the From search box, at left. Enter the latest desired date in the To search box, at right. Dates can be entered in yyyy-mm-dd format, but need not be complete. For example, 2009-10-19, 2009-08, and 2008 are all acceptable options.

Use the minus symbol to enter BCE dates (-200, -4000, etc.).

Dates may also be selected by using the calendar icons to the right of the From and To search boxes.

Date Range in the Object Collection

In the Object Collection, Date Range is used to search for items or information from productions set during a particular time period.

Time periods are assigned to productions based on production design concepts and not on the year a production was staged. For example, the 2009 production of West Side Story was set in the 1950s, and therefore has a date range of 1950 to 1959. The 1999 production of West Side Story, also set in the 1950s, likewise has a date range of 1950 to 1959.

Productions set in the present have a date range corresponding to the production year. For example, Patria II: Requiem for the Party Girl, staged in 1972 and set in the present, has a date range spanning from 1972 to 1972.

Productions set in pure fantasy or imaginary worlds, or productions that do not involve historical concepts of time do not have associated date ranges and cannot be searched using this feature.

Date Range in the Archives Collection

In the Archives Collection, Date Range is used to search for items or information created during a particular time period. For example, a document written sometime between 1953 and 1963 would have a date range of 1953-1963. Conducting a search for 1953-1963 will retrieve all materials created between those dates (for example, documents from 1961, photographs from 1955, etc.).

Date Range in the Production/Event Register

This search area is not functioning in the Production/Event Register. Repairs are under way. We apologize for any inconvenience.