Detailed View

If the Results tab lists one or more results, and you click one of those results to display more information about it on the Details tab. The type and amount of information available for each record depends on its collection of origin.

In the Archives Collection, a Hierarchy browser is available for those familiar with archival description. Higher and lower levels of description can be explored by clicking the blue plus and minus signs, or the golden title text associated with each level of description.

Browsing through the records

In Detailed Display you will only see one record at a time. You can browse to the detailed display of other records from the search result by clicking the single-winged inner arrows at the top of the record. Use the double-winged outer arrows to jump to the first record or last record in your results list.

Selecting records

To the left of the record, there is a checkbox titled Add this Item to Selection. If you would like to add the record to your selection list, click the checkbox. All records added to your Selection can be viewed at any time by clicking the Selection tab at the top of the page.

To deselect a record, click the checkbox a second time. The checkmark will disappear, indicating the record is no longer selected.

Printing a record

To print a record, select Print from the Actions column, at left.

Printing an image

To print an image in the Object Catalogue, click the image once. It will appear in a separate window where you can adjust the size to your liking. Use your internet browser’s Print function to print the image.

Images in the Archives Catalogue cannot be printed due to copyright and other restrictions. For more information on using these images, please contact the Stratford Festival Archives. Contact information can be found by clicking the Stratford Festival Logo, located in the top left corner of the webpage.

Gold Text Links

In the Detailed Display, certain words or terms appear in gold text. These usually include the names of creators (photographers, designers, craftspersons, etc.), associated production titles (King Lear, 1964, Damien, 1982, etc.) or other persons associated with the record (actors, directors, designers, etc.).

Clicking on a term in gold text will result in a search for that term in whatever database is open. For example, if you are in the Archives Database, and click the name of photographer Peter Smith, all photographs taken by Peter Smith will be displayed in a results list. This search will be conducted for the entire database: it will not be limited to the records in your current search results. To search within your search results, use the Refined Search feature available on the Results tab.

In the Archives Catalogue, clicking gold text links in the hierarchy browser will take you to a description for the level that was clicked.